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Letting It Go…Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

I believe that everyone deserves an outlet. I love to sing at the top of my lungs, craft, cook, paint…in short create<3

I may have read one too many inspirational quotes on Pinterest, but at some point, I let go and stopped being afraid of failure. It's a hard but freeing thing to do.

"Let it go!" Just like the song and the freeing feeling you experience when you watch FROZEN (even if it's for the 1000+ time) and see Elsa let herself let it all go and be free.

At some point in my life, more recently than not, I had reached a point where I accepted the fact that I could try something and if it didn't work…oh well:-).

Don’t be afraid to try! If it doesn’t work out…oh well…at least you can say you tried;-). I love the challenge of trying to ‘make it better’ besides…it can’t get much worse, right:-)

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3

Healthy Summer Eating: If You Bring It, You Will Eat It


Summer is officially upon us!!!! Yay!!!!

Summer time for us can be a double edged sword when it comes to eating. There are so many fresh fruits and veggies around that’s it’s great to pack a picnic and bring it along. However, on the flip side is that we’re out running around so much going here and there that is easy to not pack something and just buy something along the way. The problem is that most options for buying are just not that good for you on a regular basis. So, we try and pack food as much as possible.

If you pack it, you will eat it!!! My favorite phrase “Mom! I’m hungry!” I pack food and say that they can have whatever they want whenever they want, but that this is the food we are having today(usually from morning snack through lunchtime). If they want their sandwich at 10:30, fine. If they want fruit first, fine. But…when it gets later on and we only have a few things left, they have to choose from those.

We love going to our local waterpark. I will say that it can be a challenge to not want to buy their food. It’s convenient for the most part and not too expensive. However, I love how eating light things can make you feel incredible, ESPECIALLY after being outside all day.

Here’s what I have packed for our outing:

1. Yummi pouches of applesauce: We have yummy pouches that my friend had introduced me to, three years ago. They are refillable food pouches. I fill them with applesauce or yogurt:-). Yummy! These are also a good size, they hold 6oz. Their closure is like a ziplock bag closure at the top. Perfect for easy eating and so much more economical than buying disposable pouches since those add up really fast! These are $14.99 for a set of six:-)

2. Cheerios mixed with craisens

3. Peanut butter sandwiches

4. Carrots and cherry tomatoes

5. Goldfish

I think we have our bases covered:-). My kids have more than enough options for the few hours we’ll be out. I love how doing this often leads to my kids discovering a new love of some random food(my daughter learned to love cucumbers and v-8 when she was 2)

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3

Edible playdough!!! We May Never Turn Back!!!


I saw this post on Pinterest about making ice cream playdough: http://wildflowerramblings.com/sensory-play/ice-cream-play-dough-12-months-sensory-dough/

I though it looked so cool! I also thought it might give me peace of mind since my son already tries to eat regular playdough:-/

I had 1/2 a container of frosting that I didn’t know how I was going use, so I figured I try it! I thought the worst case would be that I make a mess and end up throwing it out anyways, so no big deal!

Here’s how I made it:

1/2 container of frosting
1 cup corn starch(I added corn starch slowly as I kneaded the dough)

It worked!!!! OMG!!! I was stunned!!!


When I gave it to my kids to play with, I put extra corn starch down on their working areas just so that after a while the dough wouldn’t stick;-)

They LOVED playing with it!!! Surprisingly, they only nibbled on the dough, they liked it, but wanted to just keep playing:-)!!!

I gave them random sprinkles that I had and they LOVED DECORATING!

My daughter loved making shapes, pizzas, and at the end, she made ‘scream cheese’ from the movie Hotel Transylvania. Love love love!!!




My son loved cutting the dough and then pretended it was a person, and then a bulldozer picking up all the sprinkles<3





What a fun random thing to do on a hot Saturday afternoon! Now I really want to try this with all other fun frosting flavors!! I hear summer non-melting ice cream party in our future!!!!

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3

Train Your Dragon Day!

Do your kids love dragons? Mine do!

Today at Lowes Home Improvement we did their free build and grow clinic and built the dragon, Toothless:-)




We love going to the Build an Grow Clinics! Here’s another post:
Thank You Lowe’s Home Improvement For Build & Grow Clinics!! | theywillloveyoureffort

My kids had an absolute blast building their dragons:-)

To top things off, we ran to Walmart for a few things and sitting by the checkout was the BluRay+DVD+Digital Copy of How to Train Your Dragon for $12.96 PLUS a $7.00 coupon to see the new How to Train Your Dragon 2!!!!

We got home an enjoyed playing outside with the dragons, then settled down inside with their dragons and watched ‘How to Train Your Dragon’



Talk about a fun day with dragons!!!

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3

FREE Father’s Day Super Hero Printable Ready to be Personalized!

Both of my children love super heroes <3!

My kids on another normal day!

My kids on another normal day!

One night I was cruzing Pinterest and found this:  https://www.etsy.com/listing/152609496/daddy-is-my-superhero-sign?ref=sr_gallery_37&amp;amp;ga_search_query=superhero&amp;amp;ga_view_type=gallery&amp;amp;ga_ship_to=US&amp;amp;ga_page=3&amp;amp;ga_search_type=all

Well, the item on the Etsy.com store was sold and I wanted one that was more personalized.  Today is Friday and FAther’s Day is SUNDAY!  YIKES!  I turned to my favorite computer program, PowerPoint, and made the item below:

Copy and paste this.  Then insert your own picture in the center:-)

Copy and paste this. Then insert your own picture in the center.   I ‘think’ it should work

I loved it! Please feel free to copy and past this! I like to copy and paste into PowerPoint. For me, it’s what works best. Then, find your most favorite picture of your children’s father. The one I chose was kind of silly. The picture isn’t the best one of my husband, but it makes me smile. My son and daughter wanted to play Mario Kart and insisted that my husband wear the Captain America Mask. They all pretended to be regular Super Heroes chilling:-) Yes, my daughter is a super hero too…she wanted to be wheelchair girl:-) It was just such a relaxed photo of our everyday life and I just absolutely love it.


My son and I did a quick run to another favorite store of ours, Dollar Tree, and picked up two frames, $1/frame!!!  S-C-O-R-E!!!

Here is how it all finished up:


Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3

Awesome Gift for Friends, Peg People!!!



Ok…possibly the craziest thing I’ve done to date…My daughter desperately wanted to give all of her classmates a personalized super hero peg person as a thank you and special gift for them all to remember her by. (I make these on occasion for sale and donate a duplicate set to our local children’s hospital:-). My daughter stressed to me that it had to be done TONIGHT (Tuesday night) because one of her friends was going to the beach Wednesday afternoon. I could have said no way…instead I finished at 1:30 a.m. and I had a table full of adorable super heroes (each cape has the child’s initial) and paint stained fingers which I’ll try and scrub off completely tomorrow. I added a personalized note to each super hero that said ‘Thanks for being a SUPER friend!’
***Can I just say again how much I have loved her class<3!!!! This year was just an incredibly positive experience for her<3

I got my inspiration from these adorable valentines cards:

Her whole class loved their little peg people made them<3

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3

Hot rice pandas for snack


Today we had a play date at our house.

They all requested rice pandas<3

I started the rice, helped them all get settled playing, by then the rice was done.

I took my panda rice mold, rinsed it with water(to help the rice not stick), then put the regular warm rice in the mold, smushed, then added the seaweed punched panda face.

They loved it<3

Incredibly simple and very fun! I think they all also enjoyed it being something different from the regular snacks kids often get;-)

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3

Photo-bombing…No, Mine Sink-Bombs

***Warning…instead of a person jumping into your picture, my son may just jump into your sink! Lol!!!

I washed dishes this afternoon.

I drained the sinks and put the plugs up high where they belong.

I went to the bathroom.

I came out to this:





Scary how clever kids are!

Since he wanted to go swimming, we rolled with it and I them have him a bath:-)

Remember…They Will Love Your Effort<3